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Introducing the t25: Welcome to the state-of-the-art

Meet the Staht t25 Digital Pull Tester kit, your all-in-one solution for rigorous pull testing on anchors and eye safety bolts up to 25kN. Designed to help you seamlessly align with global industry standards like BS8539, BS7883, NASC guidance TG4:19, and AEFAC guidance TN05, this kit is a fusion of technology and durability.

With features like the Staht® Connect App for both Android and iOS, Bluetooth® capabilities up to 10m, and a sunlight-ready full-color screen, you're equipped for any testing environment. The kit also boasts a USB rechargeable Li-ion battery, superior hydraulic seal design, and ergonomic moulding for optimal grip. Whether you're charging on the go or working at height, the t25 ensures precision, safety, and efficiency. Plus, choose between a rugged protective case or a lightweight padded PVC bag for transport, making it the perfect companion for professionals on the move.

Explore in 3D

Explore the t25 Pull Tester: Key Features at a Glance

Dive into the intricate details of the t25 Digital Pull Tester with our 3D model. As you navigate, here's what to keep an eye out for:

  • Full-Colour Screen: Strategically placed for visibility, this screen is sunlight-ready and displays both Live and Peak Load.
  • Hydraulic Load Cell: Easily removable from the bridge assembly, this component is central to the tester's functionality.
  • Ergonomic Moulding: Feel the contours designed for a positive grip in all testing orientations.
  • Bridge Chassis: Surrounding the hydraulic load cell and gauge, this feature offers protection from accidental damage.
  • Clevis Adaptor Assembly: Spot the captive pin for faster eyebolt engagement.
  • Anchor Jaw Design: With its captive design and magnets, it ensures the slotted washers stay in place.
As you explore, appreciate the meticulous design and engineering that makes the t25 a leader in pull testing.

Learn about our t25 Digital Pull Tester and discover why you'll want to measure the world with us, one test at a time.

Introducing the new Staht t25 Pull Tester.

Lightweight and easy to use, get the T25 in heavy-duty case or durable shoulder bag.

The Staht t25 Digital Pull Tester kit provides all you need to carry out pull testing on anchors and eye safety bolts up to 25kN, helping you comply with worldwide industry standards and guidance.

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