What if my product doesn’t turn on?

Please check that your Staht proof load tester is charged. Use the USB-C port and charging cable to charge the unit. You can plug it into the mains, a power bank, or a USB car charger. If after a full charge it does not switch on, then please contact the Staht Technical Support team.

My proof tester does not switch off?

You can manually switch off the proof tester by pressing and holding the <GREEN> button for 2 seconds. If the load on the screen is <0.3kN, your Staht tester will automatically shut off after 2 minutes of inactivity. If the load on the screen is >0.3kN, then your Staht proof load tester will remain on, as load is being applied by the unit.

My proof tester is not charging?

Please ensure that the correct USB-C adaptor lead is being used, and it is in good condition. Please ensure that it is correctly located in the charging port, and that it is receiving power from the other end via the mains or a charged power bank.

How long does the battery last?

Approximately 8 hours with constant use with a Bluetooth® wireless connection from a full charge.

Why is my new proof load tester not shipped fully charged and how long will it take to charge?

The proof load tester is powered by a rechargeable Li-ion battery. Under international shipping regulations, new items are not shipped fully charged. Fully charge the battery prior to first use. It takes 2 hours to fully charge using UK mains charging.

What is the maximum load that I can pull?

60kN / 13489lbf is the maximum SWL / rated load. Above 63kN the display shows “Overload – Remove Load”. At this point you will need to decrease the load on the anchor to prevent any potential damage to the unit.

What do I do if I wind the Hex Drive all the way and I have not achieved the load I require?

Before applying any load, ensure the Hex Drive is wound out to the indicator line. Next, ensure the top nut is fully tightened against the primary piston so that a load is shown on the screen (typically 0.5kN). After following these steps, if you still have the same issue, check to see if your anchor is slipping / failing.

Can I see the Peak and Live loads on the screen at the same time?

Press the Yellow button to show
the Peak and Live loads simultaneously.

I want to digitally record my results. Can I do that?

Yes, via the Staht Connect app,
available on both Android and iOS.

When should I use the bubble level?

You should use the bubble level on horizontal or vertical surfaces to level the bridge. On sloped surfaces, do not use the bubble level.

I don’t have enough clearance under the bridge. What can I do? Should I move the leg braces?

The bridge height of the Staht proof load tester has been designed to accommodate the vast majority of expected anchor standoff situations for the M6 – M20 range. Also, there is fine height adjustment to ensure the bridge is level. If additional height is required, then it is advised that you use suitable concrete or steel blocks to increase the overall height of the bridge. It is best practice to position the leg braces as low down on the legs as possible, and only raise them further up the legs if required.

I have tested an anchor, and I have not achieved the load I expected. What is wrong?

An anchor may not achieve an expected load for many different reasons. The most common reasons are that the substrate may not as strong as expected or that the anchor has not been installed correctly. Please check with your anchor supplier if you need more guidance on anchor performance.Answer Content

What size is the socket to operate the Hex Drive? Can I use a battery drill with a socket to operate the side piston?

17mm. A 17mm socket is supplied with a 3/8” ratchet wrench in the kit as standard. Staht do not advise that users apply load using anything other than the ratchet wrench provided.

Does my Staht proof load tester come calibrated?

Yes, it comes calibrated, which is
valid for 12 months.